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1. Login Relay!
03.12.2014 – 07.01.2015
To make the winter warmer, we’ve prepared massive rewards for you.
After logging in for 7 consecutive days, you will receive an Attendance Box!

1st Day: Fast Reload (3 Days)
2nd Day: EXP 20% UP (3 Days)
3rd Day: 2,000 Dinar
4th Day: SP 5% UP (3 Days)
5th Day: Double Up (3 Days)
6th Day: 5th Slot (3 Days)
7th Day: Attendance Box
** Your relay will be reset if you miss a day.

Now you might ask yourself: What’s in the Attendance Box?

This box contains:

FAMAS Snow Camo (1 Day)
Military Supply Key (x1)
Extra Ammo 1 (1 Day)
Rudolf Face (1 Day)
Resource FRM (x3)
Resource FC (x3)
Resource CFRP (x3)

2. The Advent’s Special Reward!

If you log in everyday from 1st - 24th December and play for at least 2 hours per day, there will be
an extra reward waiting for you: The AK47 EX Box! This great box contains a permanent AK47 EX,
a Military Supply key, a Platinum key, Double Up 2 for 3 Days and Super Master for 15 days.

3. Say “Merry Christmas!”
03.12.2014 – 07.01.2015

The Chat Event has returned with a Christmas theme!
Type “Merry Christmas!” into the chat and Santa will give you a special gift!

4. EXP/Dinar Boost in December
05.12.2014 – 07.01.2015

During this time period, you will receive a 50% EXP & 100% Dinar Boost while playing.
It’s great chance to level up your character during the holidays!

Stay logged in from 18:00 - 22:00 CET on either Saturday or Sunday and get a box filled
with great goodies:

DC FAMAS Pink (1 Day)
Scar L Black (3 Days)
Gold Key (x1)
Extra Ammo (3 Days)
Resource FRM (x3)
Resource FC (x3)
Resource CFRP (x3)

6. Play Time Coupon Event

Collect the coupons to win various items:
M4A1 Snow Camo (3 Days) – 10 Coupons
MP7A1 Snow Camo (3 Days) – 10 Coupons
NTW 20 Winter (3 Days) – 10 Coupons
RPG 7 Winter (3 Days) – 10 Coupons
Military Supply Key (x1) – 5 Coupons
Event Random Box (x1) – 5 Coupons
Resource FRM (x3) – 3 Coupons
Resource FC (x3) – 3 Coupons
Resource CFRP (x3) – 3 Coupons

7.Kill As Many As You Can!
The date for this event will be announced soon.

Play and collect as many kills as possible!
If you are one of the 10 players with the most kills
during this time frame, you will receive a Kill Master Box the following week!

This box contains:
AK47 EX (30 Days)
Military Supply Key (x1)
Super Master (15 Days)
Platinum key (x)
Double Up 2 (3 Days)

Please note:
We reserve the right to remove you from the winner list if your
account shows suspicious activity. This includes, but is not
limited to, cases of power leveling, cheating, and free killing.

Season’s Greetings,
War Rock Global Team


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SM mislu zacet da bi dobu ak47 pa sm ze zamudu... Dzabe pa navmo spilal...  :)

Sandi napis mi na FB k bojo spet kaksni taki eventi...

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From 10.12.2014 – 17.12.2014, a massive selection of items will be discounted by 30%.

Best regards,
NX Sniper

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