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Posodobitve CS:GO
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10. september 2014

 - Večja sistemska posodobitev za tiste, ki uporabljajo Linux.

 - Ukaz "kill" ne deluje več v competitivu razen v "warmup" rundi.
 - Popravek za CT-je, ker niso poročali na radiju ob metu ognja (Incendiary grenade).
 - Ob glasovnih sporočilih sedaj pokaže lokacijo svoji ekipi.
 - Sedaj barvno pokaže lokacijo ob radio sporočilih.
 - Status aktivirane bombe je sedaj prikazan za spectatorje.

 - Operacija Breakout se razprodaja.

 - Izboljšana učinkovitost delovanja ob gledanju scora.
 - Izboljšana učinkovist delovanja ob spectatanju.
 - Izboljšana učinkovist delovanja v nekaterih primerih, kjer so avatarji in itemi prikazani.

[ MAPE ]
 - Mist
 – Popravljeni razni bugi.
 - Insertion
 – Popravljeno območje kupovanja v competitive modu.
 – Posodobljen pogled mape.

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Posodobitve CS:GO
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17. september 2014

 – Tec9: Izboljšana natančnost in zmanjšan recoil.

 – Dodani novi spawni ob igranju Arms Race načina (info_armsrace_counterterrorist & info_armsrace_terrorist).
 – Popravljeno: samo eno sekundarno orožje se vidi ob spectatanju igre.
 – Izboljšana učinkovitost delovanja ob spectatanju igre v času gledanja scoreboarda.

 – Izboljšano delovanje senc.
 – Boljša detekcija strojne opreme in boljša učinkovitost delovanja.

 – Inferno
  — Dodan boiler na spot boiler (sedaj so odprta vrata in se delno vidi boiler).
  — Popravljeno: manjkajoča tekstura na Bombsite B.

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Posodobitve CS:GO
« 24.09 ob 18:42 »
danes je bila tudi posodobitev, tam okoli 30mb, samo ni changeloga


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Posodobitve CS:GO
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30. september 2014

 – Tec-9: Further improved accuracy and additionally reduced recoil.
 –Fixed a bug where it was possible to defuse a bomb in A site from B balcony
 –Added collision to top of pillars in Park
 –Added a boiler to room next to A pit (now known as Boiler)
 – Matchmaking sessions system has been significantly improved.
 — Matchmaking backend load can now be amortized better across different game modes.
 — Connectivity to game servers can be fully recovered after CS:GO backend updates.
 — Games in progress remain joinable after game servers or some players lost and regained their connection to Steam servers.
 — Searching for all official game modes will show the same user interface that displays the number of players searching.
 — When a game update is released, clients who are searching for a match will be notified to update their client.
 – Official competitive matches will abort if any player has abandoned prior to the end of warmup.
 – Made it possible to connect to community servers
 – Made it possible to download custom content from servers
 – Fixed a variety of bugs when using non-English locales
 – Added icon in the store page
 – Improved client stability
 – Fixed a bug causing a line in the shadows to follow the player around
 – Improved client stability
 – Fixed a case where the wrong Operation name was displayed.
 – Improved client stability
 – Reworked main menu item bar
 — Now supports ability to offer individual items, including a set of new community stickers
 — Added “Explore a Case” market link, which filters for the case and all contents
 — Added a link that filters for keys.
 — Added ability to preview community stickers that are offered


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Posodobitve CS:GO
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10. Oktober 2014

 – Introducing Music Kits, featuring new music exclusively made for CS:GO by various artists and composers.
 – When equipped, Music Kits replace all of the music in the game and include an anthem that plays whenever you are MVP.
 – Music Kits can be shared through the scoreboard. Use the context menu to check out another players music.
 – Music Kits are currently available as a special offer for CS:GO players.
 – Added music volume controls for the following:.
 — Main Menu
 — Round Start
 — Round End
 — Map objective
 — Ten Second Warning
 — Death Camera

 – HE grenade damage tagging is now scaled based on the damage applied.


 – Fixed being able to pick up the bomb through some opaque solid walls – you now need LOS unless you get close enough to touch it directly.
 – Fixed some bullet penetration bugs.
 – Fixed a radar naming bug on Dust2.


 – Fixed an issue where friends parties were not preserved when returning to lobby from an official competitive match.
 – Added more specific net_graph connection descriptions for official and community servers.
 – Fixed configuration of GOTV replays recording in South Africa.
 – Private matches in non-competitive game modes will host the game on lobby leader’s listen server.
 – Pause menu allows to invite more friends to a private match hosted on a listen server.
 – Fixed connectivity to sv_lan 1 game servers.
 – The +graph command now respects the server’s sv_max_allowed_net_graph convar.
 – Fixed a visual glitch caused by inspecting a shotgun while reloading.
 – The inspect in-game feature for marketplace assets no longer requires the previous owner id.


 – demoinfogo
 — Added the ability to dump only specific things from the demo using command line arguments. Run the tool with no arguments to see the list of options with descriptions.
 — Game Events that have userid’s will show the player name as well as optionally show position and facing. The position and facing are the last read values, and do not include interpolation/prediction.
 — Fixed a couple bugs in parsing that would cause missed player info when parsing some demos.


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Posodobitve CS:GO
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15. 10. 2014

 – Moved achievement icons to images on disk. The win panel now uses those images.
 – Fixed OSX audio options
 – Win/Lose round music cues now play music from the equipped music pack.

 – Fixed bug where many items would be rendered with incorrect lighting causing them to appear very dark or black.

 – demoinfogo
 — Fixed a bug with entity lookup from player userid that was causing incorrect position/facing/team info for players in game events.


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Posodobitve CS:GO
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22. 10. 2014

 – In game characters are now celebrating the spooky season with masks.
 – The spirits of fallen friends have again risen to haunt player death cameras (they show up in the world during death/freeze cameras in game).
 – When there’s no more room in Chicken Hell….
 – Added convar sv_holiday_mode (set to 0 on the server to disable holiday festivities).

 – Fixed radius damage from exploding HE grenade to not get applied to last bot’s location where bot had been taken over by a human.
 – Bots can no longer be controlled by humans during warmup.
 – Updated inventory inspect animation to reveal both sides of knife blades.
 – Added six new offers community stickers.

 –Fixed wallbang inconsistency through closed window in apartments near Bombsite B
 –Optimized placement of blue potted plant T side of mid
 –Made balcony at Bombsite B slightly larger
 –Opened up skybox from CT spawn to Bombsite B
 –Added relaxing windchimes to CT spawn
 –Fixed bugs where players could get stuck on roof overhangs
 –Fixed some textures with wrong surface properties
 –Removed some wacky boost spots
 –Updated collision model on pillars in Ruins


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Posodobitve CS:GO
« 12.11 ob 17:06 »
 – Six community maps added to the Operation Vanguard map group, available for free to ALL CS:GO players.
 — de_marquis, de_facade, de_season, de_bazaar, cs_workout, and cs_backalley
 – The Operation Vanguard Pass is now available. With an operation pass, you’ll receive:
 — A personal Operation Vanguard Journal
 — Exclusive access to the new Operation Vanguard weapon case as a separate timed drop.
 — TWO all-new Campaigns: Weapon Specialist and Vanguard. Choose your own path through a series of missions that span the globe, and receive extra weapons or Operation Vanguard weapon cases as a reward.
 — Access to two optional campaigns: Maghreb and Eurasia.
 — An Operation Vanguard Challenge Coin, which can be upgraded by completing branches of a campaign.
 — Active Duty and Vanguard Scorecards, and Friends Leaderboards to track and compare your Competitive Matchmaking performance throughout the Operation.
 – Operation runs until February 10th, 2015.

 – Friendly Fire has been turned off.
 – de_stmarc, de_lake and de_safehouse are now available in Arms Race mode.
 – Fixed game reporting the wrong name of the player who got to knife level in Arms Race.
 – Major update to Arms Race mode:
 — Leaders (players with the highest weapon index) from each team now glow for a short time after attacking.
 — The weapon progression list now picks a weapon randomly from 5 fixed weapon categories.
 — The number of levels to reach Golden Knife have been reduced to 16.
 — Two kills are needed to upgrade with each weapon (unless you get a knife kill or kill the enemy leader).
 — Added some new sounds to AR mode.
 — To see more of the Arms Race rules changes, see this guide:

 – Friendly Fire has been turned off.
 – de_shortdust added to Demolition mode

 – Changed Deathmatch bonus weapon to support all guns.

 – When FF is off, bullets no longer penetrate teammates

 – Fixed grenades icons in weapon panel obeying the user’s HUD color setting
 – Fixed Mini-Scoreboard panel not properly hiding a few avatars slots on a full server in casual when you had the Mini-Scoreboard Style set to “Just Show Player Count”
 – Fixed the freeze panel overlapping with the info panel.

 – Halloween has come to a grisly end. (sv_holiday_mode set back to 0)
 – Fixed rebuy not rebuying nades, defuse kit, or taser correctly.
 – Volume of ambient and 1st person sounds have been slightly reduced in “headphones” setting.
 – Death Camera music no longer plays while spectating.
 – Half-time / Game-end music no longer plays in overwatch mode.
 – Fixed bug where 10 second countdown music(s) would play after round end when round end music volume was set to 0.
 – Addressed hitches that were caused by synchronous file i/o.


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Posodobitve CS:GO
« 21.11 ob 13:01 »
Posodobitve 21.11.2014

 – Added DreamHack 2014 Team Stickers and Legends Capsule
 – Enabled the DreamHack 2014 Pick’Em Challenge
 – Enabled DreamHack 2014 tab in the Watch Panel

 – Added Mission FAQ to the Operation Vanguard website:
 – Mission cooldowns now display hours remaining in the mission panel and journal.
 – Added a display showing how many missions a user can complete in the mission panel and journal.
 – Added help text tooltip for the mission panel.
 – Added Steam rich presence and integration data for Operation Vanguard maps.
 – Fixed de_dust2 Galil mission
 – Fixed bonus deathmatch weapon score calculation for missions.

 – Added three restrictions to Competitive Matchmaking:
 — If a player does not have a competitive Skill Group, they will not be able to queue in a party with a player having a very high Skill Group
 — Accounts are restricted to two Competitive wins per day until they receive their competitive Skill Group
 — Unless they are in a party of 5, players will not be able to queue for Competitive Matchmaking if their skill group range is very large.

 – Fixed a case where the deathmatch bonus weapon panel was showing an uninitialized weapon icon.
 – Made host_framerate convar accessible with sv_cheats enabled ( for movie makers )
 – Spectators and GOTV viewers can now spectate grenades thrown by players.  To do this, press and hold the Left Alt key when the player you are observing throws a grenade.  Your camera will follow the grenade until you release the Left Alt key or the grenade explodes/expires.
 – Fixed Alerts panel showing incorrect layout for certain bans and cooldowns.

 – Bug fixes on Workout, Season, Facade, Bazaar and Marquis


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Posodobitve CS:GO
« 12.12 ob 23:12 »
 Release Notes for 12/11/2014 11 Dec 2014   -
 – Train
 — Sadly fixed a hilarious bug where players could ride pigeons
 — Fixed some spots where a dropped bomb could get stuck
 — Fixed player collision on Bombsite A white boxes
 — Fixed one-way wallbang through shack near connector
 – Updated M4A1-S description
 – Fixed extra large image of de_train in the lobby
 – Minor fixes to gifting UI
 – CZ75A now uses an alternate draw animation when no mags are available.
 – Updating Ho Ho Ho sticker art.
 – Improved memory usage on OSX and Linux.
 – Blood on player models is now server-authoritative, disable with sv_server_verify_blood_on_player 0

 – Reintroduced Train, which has been added to the Operation Vanguard map group (available for free to all CS:GO players).
 — For more information, visit
 – CZ75-Auto adjustments
 — Magazine size has been reduced to 8 and reserve ammo is now 16 (3 mags total).
 — Damage has been reduced slightly.
 — Firing rate has been reduced slightly
 — The CZ75-Auto takes nearly twice as long to draw, and has an updated draw animation.
 — Kill reward is now 1/3.
 — Updated the weapon description.
 – Increased price of M4A1-S to $3100
 – Reduced price of Desert Eagle to $700
 – Updated the Tec-9 firing sound.
 – Fixed M4A1-S muzzle flash showing through smoke.
 – Fixed not being able to defuse the bomb in some cases where it was planted on a ledge and the player attempting to defuse was standing next to it on the ground (e.g. the fountain in Cobblestone).
 – Fixed a case on community servers where a player would get income after the first round when they should not.
 – Team equipment value now correctly accounts for cost of CZ75-Auto and for two flashbangs.
 – “Assists” on teammate kills no longer get counted in scoreboard.
 – Added some new holiday freeze-cam borders and the holiday cheer has been re-enabled – Happy holidays!
 – Gifts have been re-enabled.
 – Released a new set of stickers (available now as offers), and put some music kits on sale.
 – Fixed a few localization errors
 – Fixed a typo in the game mode descriptions.
 – Fixed several exploits in the engine.

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